What do you want to catch?
A Red for Red!

When people think of Alaska they
think…Fish.  Hey, it’s nearly always on
our minds too!  We can set you up with
just about any type of fishing you want
to do.  

We can utilize our cabin cruiser for
salmon trolling and halibut jigging or
we can hit the streams for top notch
trout, salmon and Steelhead fishing.  
Sometimes we use spinning rods,
sometimes fly rods.  Take your pick or
try both, but we’ll take you fishing

Trip Planning
Silver Salmon
Here’s a short description of a trip I like to do when the Coho’s
are running.  (Late Aug-Mid Sept):
We start out in our Honda powered cabin cruiser and travel
through a maze of small islands and narrow passages while
marveling at the bald eagles perched on the rocky pillars that
line the shore.  The feeling is amazing as the boat occasionally
flutters in the numerous saltwater whirlpools caused by
enormous tidal differences being forced through small
channels.  Then we shoot across a bay and into a little nook at
the base of a small waterfall.  This isn’t any ordinary waterfall
though;  once the incoming tide gets high enough, the ocean
overtakes the falls and salt water intrudes into the lake.  We
launch the canoes and paddle across the lake as we watch and
listen to the geese, ducks and Trumpeter Swans.  You
suddenly can’t help but notice the salmon jumping nearly
everywhere you look - time to bust out the casting rod with the
secret lure and catch trophy Coho’s (silver salmon) nearly
every cast.  These incredibly acrobatic fish are my favorite to
catch.  This place is amazing!  I know all kinds of spots like
this.  Come for a trip with Gallant Adventures and we’ll get you
into all sorts of stuff that will blow your socks off.    

see hot action for beautiful Dolly
Varden Trout and occasionally catch
some Steelheads too.  Southeast
Alaska’s creeks and rivers are
spectacular, wild and some that may
have never even seen a fisherman
before.  You never know what you’ll
see around the next corner.  Maybe a
bear.  Maybe a waterfall.  Maybe a
beaver working his pond.  Maybe two
eagles fighting over a fish.  Who
knows?  But there’s only one way to
find out.    
Plan Your Trip
Fly fishing