Every tour and every day is different. Where we go and what we see depends on the weather, tides, food-chain and wildlife.

There are 3 main areas that make up the ocean ecosystem around Sitka. Some tours end up visiting all 3 areas and some just one. There's always a gameplan, but you never know where the weather & wildlife takes us!

Trust Gallant Adventures to take you to the Best Places for hot wildlife action!!

Mount Edgecumbe Volcano Coast

Often times the conditions and wildlife lead us to the Volcano Coast where there's always plenty of wildlife action to be seen. This coast is not only gorgeous but also LOADED with exciting & varied wildlife action!

The South Sound

The South Sound is a place that we usually frequent when the wind is blowing and other spots might have rough conditions. Nestled into the myriad of islands that protect the South Sound from the open ocean is an extremely scenic environment that's teaming with wildlife. Whether it's salmon jumping at the base of a waterfall or a humpback whale working a steep shoreline chasing salmon fry or a raft of sea otters holding hands to stay together, the South Sound never disappoints!