St. Lazaria Island is located northwest of Sitka off of Cape
Edgecumbe.  A federally protected bird sanctuary, St. Lazaria is
home to thousands of breeding pairs of tufted  puffins.  The
island itself characterizes a  jurassic looking landscape
featuring sea arches, pinnacles, ragged cliffs, and caves.

Quietly drift at the base of a cliff full of nesting birds - puffins,
murres, auklettes.  Marvel at the abundant marine life as the boat
noses its way into the entrance of the cave offering first class
views into the heart of the island.
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St. Lazaria Island - A Sitka Shore Excursion
Sleeping sea otter wrapped in kelp on the way to St. Lazaria
The Sea Cave at St. Lazaria Island
Experience Sitka's favorite marine wildlife tour