humback whale diving
Humpbacks, Greys & Orcas
humpback whale blowhole
Sitka Whale Watching Tour
Come and view the majestic whales known
to Alaska's great waters.  Visit with the
humpbacks as they spout; observe their
bubble nets as they gather herring to eat.  
Sit back and enjoy the playful orcas as they
breach the waters.
The waters of Sitka Sound typically offer fantastic whale watching opportunities!
Its proximity to the outer coast and optimum topography funnel krill, herring and
other food sources into the numerous nooks and crannies found nearby. Whales
like this! And our proximity to the outer coast also allows us the potential for
additional species of whales other than just the famous and amazing humpbacks.  
We see grey whales quite regularly feeding in shallower waters and often in
intimate nooks. We also occasionally see Minke Whales. If we see one of these,
I'll try to position the boat so you can learn why I call them "stinky minkes". We
also go through hot spurs of transient orca sightings. These are the bad boys.
The ones who stealthily cruise the waters looking for other marine mammals to
feed on. Our waters are rich with porpoise, seals, Steller sea lions and sea
otters...Perfect Transient Orca Bait! We pretty much always see some sort of hot
whale action each tour! Let me take you to places other boats can't go on this
exciting Sitka whale watching tour!
Sitka whale tour
whale tale with Mt. Edgecumbe
minke whale
whale fin
Whale breach
whale breach
Looking down on a grey whale. Notice the blow hole!
grey whale feces
That's not blood...It's Grey Whale Feces!!
humpback lunge feeding
whale lunge feeding
whale feeding in Sitka
whale tour in Sitka Alaska
The 4 photos directly above are of a Humpback Whale lunge feeding. The pictures
are in sequence and if you look carefully, in the first two pictures, you'll see the
small baitfish jumping for safety as the massive creature lunges out of the water
with its gigantic mouth open gobbling as many of these small fish as possible. Also
note how the blowholes are closed in the first 3 photos, but open in the last as it
takes in a breath before it goes back under water to look for more feed.
These amazing photographs were taken by Shari Amory while she was on a Gallant
Adventure with her family. Shari...You rock!!!!! Woot Woot!!
complete whale breach
humpback whale
Photo Taken by Marcia Torci while on a Gallant Adventure
sitka whale tours
Photo taken with a client's Android phone camera
pod of orcas
Photo Taken by David Lindahl while on a particularly rough
day. Hey, the condition's might not have been ideal, but we
saw this up close and personl! Yep...worth it!
gray whale
humpback whale tail
Photo taken by Poul Jorgenson while on tour
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