Sea Otters-Grizzlies-Whales-Puffins
bald eagle in Sitka Alaska
bird viewing in Sitka Alaska
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Sitka Wildlife Tours
Sea Otters. Prized for their invaluable pelts, were almost exterminated in the Alaskan waters.  
In recent years they have made a healthy population return and can be seen bobbing daily.  

With our 2.5 hour Sitka wildlife tour, we start each trip by sharing the experience of the old
man of the sea.  We see many otters, some male and some female.  In the early summer the
female otters have their babies laying on their bellies and you can see not only the mother, but
her adorable little ball of fuzz as she swims around.  When the males are spotted, see if you
can spot their special rock!  Sea Otters are often observed in large groups called rafts.

We begin each trip by checking out the sea otters and then we head on to view the
.  After feeling the spray of the whales, we cruise over to either St. Lazaria Island to
view puffins or head into the protected waters amongst the myriad of small islands to look for
the sow grizzly with her 3 cubs. Don't go home without seeing the
Real Alaska! Let us take
you to the places other boats can't go with our exciting Sitka boat tour!
amazing bear video in Sitka Alaska
Sitka whale tail
Sitka whale watching tour
St. Lazaria Island cave
Mt. Edgecumbe Island in Sitka Alaska
humpback whale full breach
This could be you on board!  I ensure that I
do everything possible to get you close to the
At the entrance to a
sea cave on St.
Lazaria Island!
Courtesy of Don Klueting
raft of sea otters
We can take you to see rafts of Sea Otters!
Sitka black tail deer
Photo of this young Sitka Blacktail Buck
with velvet antlers taken by Shari Amory
puffins flying in Sitka Alaska
Photo by client Marcia Torci
humpback whales
Photo of this humpback whale lunge
feeding taken by Shari Amory
sea lions in Sitka Alaska
Photo Taken by Ian Cowling
mother sea otter and pup in Sitka Alaska
This photo of a Sea Otter mom with Pup on
her belly was taken by Judy Beller while on
a 4 hour private tour with her husband Denis.
The area around Sitka is a World-Class destination and one of Alaska's gems. It's surrounded by a perfect strato-cone
volcano on one side, jagged snow-capped peaks on another and protected from the outer coast by a maze of small islets.
The environment around Sitka is extremely pristine and is teeming with wildlife as diverse and abundant as anywhere
in Alaska. Let me take you out to explore this amazing area on a scenic Sitka boat tour. This area is SO wild, SO
diverse and the wildlife SO abundant, that you truly never know what type of amazing wildlife action we're going to
see! One thing is for sure...There is always some sort of Hot Wildlife Action going on in Sitka Sound! Let me take you
out to see it!
There is truly no better way to experience the Real Sitka!
Up Close & Personal
Experience Sitka's favorite marine wildlife tour